1. Site Presentation.

In accordance with article 6 of June 21st 2004 about trust in the digital economy, the users of the www.marble-grey-france.com website are told the credentials of the different players within the frame of the realization and follow up of their work:

Owner : Carrères LAPLACE – 349 590 281 00011 – route du Bager - 64260 Arudy, France
Creator : Agence Mediaboost Bayonne
Publication Officers : L. SEBAT – jolaplace@wanadoo.fr
The publishing director is either a natural person or a legal person.
Host : Mediaboost - Cité du Palais, 24 avenue de Marhum 64100 Bayonne, France

2. General Terms of Use of the Website and Services Offered.

The use of the website www.marble-grey-france.com implies full and complete acceptance of the general terms of use thereof. These terms of use are subject to change or may be completed at any time, therefore the users of the website www.marble-grey-france.com are invited to check it regularly.

The website is usely accessible to users at any time. Ce site est normalement accessible à tout moment aux utilisateurs. www.marble-grey-france.com may nevertheless decide on an interruption for maintenance reasons, yet they will try to communicate beforehand as for the dates and times of the intervention.

The website www.marble-grey-france.com is regularly updated by L. SEBAT. Similarly, the legal notices are subject to change at any time: elles s’imposent néanmoins à l’utilisateur qui est invité à s’y référer le plus souvent possible afin d’en prendre connaissance.

3. Description of the services.

The website www.marble-grey-france.com aims at providing information with regards the entirety of the company’s activities.

Carrères LAPLACE endeavors to provide as precise information as possible on the website www.marble-grey-france.com. Nevertheless, they may not be held responsible for any omission, inaccuracy or shortcoming in the update, whether it is because of them or because of partners who provide the information.

All the information provided on the website www.marble-grey-france.com is given for information purposes only, and are subject to change. Besides, the information on the website www.marble-grey-france.com is not exhaustive. It is subject to possible amendment from the moment it was put online on.

4. Contractual Limitations Regarding Technical Data.

The website uses the JavaScript technology.

The Internet website cannot be held responsible for any material damage due to the use of the website. What is more, the user of the website commits to accessing the website via modern equipment which does not contain any virus, and with a last generation updated browser. 

5. Intellectual Property and Counterfeiting.

Carrères LAPLACE is the right owner of intellectual property or holds the rights of use of all the elements accessible on the website, including the texts, images, graphs, logo, icons, sound tracks and software.

All copy, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the website, whatever the means or the process used, is forbidden, save where expressly agreed by Carrères LAPLACE’s prior consent by writing.

All non-authorized exploitation of the website or of any of the elements it contains will be considered the penal offence of counterfeiting and be taken before a court in conformity with articles L.335-2 et seq of the Intellectual Property Code (IPC). 

6. Limitations of Liability.

Carrères LAPLACE cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused to the user’s equipment as they access the Carrères LAPLACE’s website, due to poor equipment as developed on paragraph 4, or due to the appearance of a bug or an incompatibility.

Carrères LAPLACE cannot be held responsible either in case of indirect damage (such as loss of a market or opportunity) arising out of the use of the website www.marble-grey-france.com .

Interactive spaces (where one can ask questions on the Contact Page) are at the disposal of the users. Carrères LAPLACE is entitled to effect deletion of any content posted there and that would breach the French law, without further formality and without prior notification, in particular the provisions related to the protection of personal data. Where appropriate Carrères LAPLACE also reserves the right to question the civil liability and/or criminal responsibility of the user, in particular in case of insulting, racist, slanderous or pornographic messages, whatever the vehicle (text, photography, etc.).

7. Handling of Personal Data.

In France, personal data is protected by the following Acts : n° 78-87 of January 6th 1978, n° 2004-801 of August 6th 2004, by article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive of October 24th 1995.

When visiting the website www.marble-grey-france.com, the following information can be collected : the URL of the links by means of which the users accessed the website www.marble-grey-france.com, the users’ Internet suppliers, the users’ Internet Protocol addresses.

At all events Carrères LAPLACE only collects personal date related to the user for the purpose of the services offered by the website www.marble-grey-france.com. The user provides this information knowingly, especially as they fill out the information themselves. The user is immediately informed by the website www.marble-grey-france.com of the obligation or not to provide this information.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 38 and following articles of Act N° 78-17 of January 6th 1978 pertaining to information technology, databases and civil liberties, any user of the website has a right of access, modification, correction or suppression of the personal data relating to them, sending a written and signed request, accompanied with a copy of their ID with signature of the owner of the document, and making it clear what address the response must be sent to.

No personal information of the user of the website www.marble-grey-france.com is collected, published without the user’s consent, neither is it exchanged, forwarded, disclosed freely or for payment on any vehicle and to anyone. The only hypothesis of the buyout of Carrères LAPLACE and its rights would allow the transmission of the said information to the potential buyer and who, in turn, would be bound by the same obligation to retain and modify the data with regards the user of the website www.marble-grey-france.com.

The website is not registered with the CNIL because it does not collect any personal information.

The databases are protected by the provisions of Act dated July 1st 1998 transposing European directive 96/9 dated March 11th 1996 governing the legal protection of databases. 

8. Hypertext links and Cookies.

The website www.marble-grey-france.com contains a certain number of hypertext links to other websites, set into place with the authorization of Carrères LAPLACE. Nevertheless, Carrères LAPLACE does not have the possibility to verify the content of the websites thus visited and will not take any responsibility thereupon.

Navigation through the website www.marble-grey-france.com is subject to the setting up of cookie(s) on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small-sized file which does not make identification by the user possible but which records information related to the navigation of a computer through a website. The data thus collected aims at facilitating any further navigation on the website, and can also enable various measurements of visit frequency.

Refusing cookies can prevent the user from accessing certain services. The user can however set up their computer in the following manner, in order to refuse cookies:
Under Internet Explorer : tool tag / Internet options. Click on Confidentiality and choose “Block All the Cookies”. Click on OK to validate.

Under Netscape : edition / preferences tab. Click on Advanced and choose “deactivate cookies”. Click on Yes to validate.

9. Applicable Law and Attribution of Jurisdiction.

Any lawsuit related to the website www.marble-grey-france.com is subjected to French Law. The courts of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 

10. The Main Laws Concerned.

Act n° 78-87 dated January 6th 1978, notably the modification by Act n° 2004-801 dated August 6th 2004 that pertains to information technology, databases and civil liberties.
Act n° 2004-575 dated June 21st 2004 to support confidence in the digital economy.

11. Lexicon.

User : Surfer who connects themselves, and use the above-mentioned website.

Personal information: "information that permits, directly or indirectly, the identification of physical persons through processing data” (Article 4 of Act n° 78-17 dated January 6th 1978).