Laplace père et fils

We owe our longevity to a real family commitment of 4 generations but also to a quarrying which is respectful of the nature of the deposit (quarrying authorization renewed until 2035). Production and extraction of gray marble in the Pyrenees is the core of our business. Created in 1929 by Joseph Laplace, the Laplace Company is now managed by the grand-son Joseph, himself assisted by his son Pierre. Since its very beginnings, the philosophy of our company has remained the same: “remaining focused on the quarrying whilst being attentive to the market’s expectations and surrounding ourselves with the right partners”. To stay at the best level, we have chosen to reinvest our gains in the quarries.

The proximity of the deposits makes a sharing of the technical and human means possible. At the moment, 8 people serve the stone on a day-to-day basis.