Marbre Carrière Laplace

Our company deliberately positions itself on a high end handcrafted slot and perpetuates a local production adapted to the customers’ needs in accordance with the size of the block (up to 4 meters), the harmony in the color choice, and the quality defined by its final use (roadway, building, funerary, etc.). Therefore we thus manage our deposits according to those different parameters, which make it possible for us to work following material cost savings. We guarantee our professional customers a Pyrenean material, with a great heritage image, and which is valued abroad for its ancient historical uses.

Thanks to our presence on the major international stone of decorating shows, especially in Italy (Carrare), we have seized the opportunity to position ourselves on the export market. Half of our marble stone production is sent to European countries, Japan, the USA, India, etc. by road or ship. We have also been able to diversify our production of natural stones in order to answer the needs of the building and funerary industries, proposing to them marble with undeniable assets: hardness, frost-resistance and very low porosity level.